Legistlative and District Services

This is designed to give you an overview of some of the services Rep. Kendrick provide to CONSTITUENTS in the 93rd House District. While some services can be provided to non-constituents as well, we would be happy to find your legislator to provide a service. Click HERE for a FULL description and "How To" of the services our Legislative Office can provide to you!

We can provide RESOLUTIONS

If you are having a
"special occasion" or event
(birthday, anniversary, opening, etc.), we can provide state resolutions.
​Click HERE to get started.

We can follow up with


If you are having trouble contacting or getting answers from a LOCAL or STATE agency, please let us know.

Contact us HERE.

We can obtain FLOOR PASSES during Session

If you want to come visit YOUR State Capitol, let us know. We can provide two (2) VIP passes on the floor of the House to witness all the action.

Contact us HERE to get started.

We can sign up children to be PAGES

If you have a child that is over the age of 8 that would like to serve during the legislative session, let us know.

Contact us HERE to get started.


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